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Fireguard UL2085 Fire Protected Tank

Flameshield UL142 Fire Resistant Tank

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UL2085 Fire Rated AST Fireguard

The Aboveground Alternative

The Fireguard® Tank is an attractive alternative for complying with stringent underground tank regulations. The Fireguard® technology was developed through years of research by the Steel Tank Institute and its members, in conjunction with fire marshals, code officials and Underwriters Laboratories. The Fireguard® tank is Underwriters Laboratories UL-2085 labeled for Fire Protection, Impact Resistance, Ballistics Resistance and Secondary Containment.




The Fireguard® tank employs the best available technology. Use it to reduce installation code setback requirements by at least 50%. Some jurisdictions require the fire protection Fireguard® affords when storing flammable or combustible liquids above ground. The Fireguard® tank is a inches of high efficiency insulating material between the two walls. This insulation provides thermal protection for the inner tank in the unlikely event of a pool fire or other extreme heat. The porous insulation material allows migration of any liquid through the interstice to the monitoring point. Unlike outdated concrete tanks, Fireguard®'s steel outer wall protects the insulation eliminating the problem of cracking and spalling concrete


UL-2085 Steel Secondary Containment Tank Passed:
• 2-Hour Fire Test
• Hose Stream Test
• Impact Test
• Ballistics Test
• Pressure Testable
• 30-year Warranty
Fireguard® Meets or Exceeds These Requirements:
• UL-2085 Standard for Insulated Secondary Containment Aboveground Tanks
• Steel Tank Institute F941 Standard for Thermally Insulated Aboveground Storage Tanks
• UL-142
• Uniform Fire Code (UFC)
• NFPA 30 $ 30A Codes
• CARB #G-70-162 (California Air Resources Board)
• Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA)
• National Fire Prevention Code
• Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI)
• Standard Fire Prevention Code

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