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System Overview

Fleetfueler System:
Capacities & Dimensions

Mini* Fleetfueler System
Capacities & Dimensions

Fireguard UL2085 Fire Protected Tank

Flameshield UL142 Fire Resistant Tank

Fleetfueler Features & Benefits

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Fleetfueler Features & Benefits

• Pre-engineered, Turn-Key Double Wall Constructed Aboveground Tank Systems – Less costly and environmentally friendly alternative to underground storage tank systems.

• Factory Installed Components – Systems arrive fully piped, wired, ready to use! Minimizes expensive install costs!

• Protective Canopies available – Keeps rain and snow off the dispenser(s), card reader, and driver. Eliminates the need for expensive overhead constructed canopies!

• Spill Containment Platform – Keeps minor spills contained at dispenser area by providing slip resistant grated surface with catch basin located beneath.

• Both Fire Rated and Protected System Designs available in capacities from 250 to 50,000 gallons.

• Dual compartment tanks available – Store and dispense two different products from one system.

• Portable – Tanks are equipped with lifting lugs so relocation is as easy as disconnecting the power cable!

• Custom Vehicle / Fleet Fueling via single or twin hose dispensing systems equipped with hose retractors.

• Dual canopy / platform models available to provide up to (4) fueling positions with up to (8) hoses per system.

• Aviation Fueling via bulk, over or under wing dispensing systems also available.

• High Speed Bulk Fueling Systems - 250+ gallons per minute via transfer pumps / loading arm combinations.

• Systems compatible with Unleaded, Diesel, Off-Road Diesel, Aviation Fuels, Bio-Fuels – Bio-diesel / E-85.

• Optional Upgrades: Electronic leak / level gauging, automated fuel management systems with card or key readers, retail or unattended fueling systems, built-in canopy lighting, and canopy installed automatic fire suppression systems